Grobots - Tournaments

There are three tournament series:

Because there is so little activity, none of the tournaments are run on a regular schedule; instead we run them whenever new sides show up. So don't wait for an announcement — send us your sides to enter. Or, since we're often very slow to respond, you could just run the tournament yourself, and send the results to the mailing list.

All of the tournaments use the default rules (100x100 world, ten sides, etc.). The analysis page may be useful for understanding the results.

The giant slayer

(20131208) ISI shows that a side with good tactics can win solidly without exploiting either giants or long range. Its fighters are the first active dodgers by anyone but Warren, and they're much simpler than Warren's (over)fancy implementation. They tend to stay in a group, which helps concentrate force, although it causes significant friendly fire. It also gathers food with force fields, showing that's still competitive. I'm not sure why it's so much better than RK and Active.

RankSideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
1ISIfmb 65.0%67%26%9%25.1%96%42%
2RK BerthaWarren 45.5%47%34%29%21.9%96%32%
3Active 9Warren 26.9%33%28%54%17.5%81%24%
4Revenge Killer 5Warren 19.6%21%52%56%13.3%88%16%
5Faithlessfmb 13.7%15%59%64%10.0%91%13%
6The LunacyDavid/Warren 13.0%15%56%66%12.4%84%13%
7ARG 1.1David 9.3%9%71%70%8.8%73%17%
8The HordeDavid and Midnight 8.6%14%56%69%11.5%63%11%
9Segregated Eaters 3Matt Burkholder 6.5%9%59%77%7.5%61%8%
10Move Zig!ziggystar 5.8%12%51%76%8.0%49%6%
11Land Grab v4Mike Anderson 5.1%10%49%80%12.8%48%12%
12Weird Men DMatt Burkholder 4.6%9%53%81%8.4%49%5%
13Unproductive 3Devon 3.8%14%40%77%9.7%26%6%
14CyclopsWarren 3.5%11%45%80%11.6%31%5%
15Adaptive 4.0cMatt Burkholder 3.1%6%68%80%7.6%42%5%
16Productive Plus 5DvF and Devon 3.0%6%74%75%6.3%46%3%
17Commune + 2Devon/Warren 2.9%6%67%82%7.3%44%5%
18Walled City 2Warren 2.7%7%62%82%7.7%38%5%
19Borg (v1)Borg 2.5%4%81%79%6.0%44%5%
20Shield + Cowards 2gAlexander (aka nfwu) 2.3%8%62%79%6.6%29%3%
21Move Zig!(nc)ziggystar 2.2%4%67%89%5.4%57%4%
22Commune 10Devon 1.9%5%65%84%7.3%31%4%
23Business Cycle 8Matt Burkholder 1.7%4%63%90%6.2%40%3%
24Wild Men 2Matt Burkholder 1.6%3%67%92%5.8%55%4%
25Untouchable 4Warren 1.3%3%73%87%5.8%35%2%
26Wise Men (without Jose)Matt Burkholder 1.2%5%43%91%8.2%25%6%
Overall (4000 rounds):13%57%69%167%

Giants and active dodgers

(20120815) It's been two and a half years since the last tournament. Partly as a result of the long gap, we got a record fifteen new entries:

The five active dodgers took the top five places.

RankSideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
1RK BerthaWarren 58.9%61%30%13%24.7%96%38%
2Blaster BerthaWarren 47.7%52%26%29%22.0%91%39%
3Big Bertha 2Warren 35.6%41%37%35%16.9%87%29%
4Active 9Warren 33.9%41%29%43%18.5%81%28%
5Revenge Killer 5Warren 31.7%35%48%33%15.2%88%21%
6The LunacyDavid/Warren 17.8%22%52%53%13.8%79%16%
7ARG 1.1David 13.6%13%65%64%11.0%78%21%
8The HordeDavid and Midnight 10.8%17%50%66%13.6%64%13%
9Land Grab v4Mike Anderson 9.5%19%43%67%15.9%47%15%
10Segregated Eaters 3Matt Burkholder 8.2%12%57%72%8.8%62%10%
11Move Zig! 3ziggystar 7.6%17%49%68%9.0%46%7%
12Weird Men DMatt Burkholder 5.9%12%49%77%10.0%49%7%
13Unproductive 3Devon 5.9%18%41%69%10.2%32%8%
14Adaptive 4.0cMatt Burkholder 5.8%11%65%69%8.6%50%7%
15Borg (v1)Borg 5.4%7%77%68%7.1%56%7%
16Walled City 2Warren 5.2%13%59%69%8.6%40%8%
17CyclopsWarren 5.0%16%36%74%15.2%30%6%
18Commune + 2Devon/Warren 4.6%10%67%70%7.4%44%5%
19Productive Plus 5DvF and Devon 4.1%8%72%70%7.1%47%4%
20Shield + Cowards 2gAlexander (aka nfwu) 3.9%14%59%66%7.2%29%3%
21Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 3.8%13%45%76%10.8%16%3%
22Move Zig! (no corner)ziggystar 3.6%5%66%85%6.3%72%5%
23Commune 10Devon 3.1%8%61%79%8.5%33%5%
24Wise Men (without José)Matt Burkholder 3.0%10%41%84%9.3%29%8%
25Business Cycle 8Matt Burkholder 2.7%6%59%84%7.4%40%4%
26Untouchable 4Warren 2.6%7%68%79%7.1%37%4%
27Wild Men 2Matt Burkholder 2.5%4%68%86%6.3%48%5%
28Artillery 5Devon 2.1%5%65%87%7.8%30%2%
29Bloopers-4Gigatron 1.9%7%54%84%6.6%26%4%
30Single bot v1.1David 1.8%6%62%85%6.5%30%8%
31Ring of Fire 4Devon 1.7%3%69%89%6.8%35%2%
32balunelel 0.7%1%86%93%2.3%72%5%
33FocusDaan 0.7%3%61%92%5.5%13%1%
34nom nom 1.2elel 0.4%4%65%90%5.1%6%1%
35Baronator 1.2Hector 0.1%1%77%95%2.8%7%4%
Overall (3000 rounds):15%56%66%157%

Because these sides include three variants of Big Bertha and three of Massive Beast, I also ran a tournament without the duplicates, keeping only RK Bertha and ARG:

RankSideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
1RK BerthaWarren 66.4%70%21%11%25.6%94%43%
2Active 9Warren 41.3%50%21%36%19.4%81%32%
3Revenge Killer 5Warren 34.1%39%41%35%15.6%87%23%
4ARG 1.1David 25.0%24%52%49%13.8%80%29%
5Land Grab v4Mike Anderson 13.0%28%34%57%17.8%43%18%
6Move Zig! 3ziggystar 10.5%24%43%58%9.8%44%9%
7Segregated Eaters 3Matt Burkholder 10.3%15%52%68%8.9%60%11%
8Weird Men DMatt Burkholder 10.2%18%40%70%11.7%56%8%
9Adaptive 4.0cMatt Burkholder 9.6%17%58%60%10.5%56%10%
10CyclopsWarren 8.2%25%27%66%15.4%33%7%
11Walled City 2Warren 7.2%19%53%60%9.7%37%9%
12Commune + 2Devon/Warren 7.0%15%54%67%9.8%44%8%
13Unproductive 3Devon 6.6%23%37%64%10.0%29%9%
14Borg (v1)Borg 6.4%9%72%68%8.1%53%9%
15Productive Plus 5DvF and Devon 5.5%11%72%61%6.7%49%4%
16Commune 10Devon 5.2%15%53%68%9.4%35%7%
17Shield + Cowards 2gAlexander (aka nfwu) 5.2%20%50%61%8.3%26%4%
18Business Cycle 8Matt Burkholder 4.7%11%55%75%7.9%39%5%
19Move Zig!(nc)ziggystar 4.6%8%59%80%6.7%55%6%
20Untouchable 4Warren 4.3%12%58%71%8.4%34%5%
21Wise Men (without José)Matt Burkholder 4.2%13%36%80%10.0%33%10%
22Single bot v1.1David 3.7%10%50%79%7.8%35%11%
23Wild Men 2Matt Burkholder 3.5%8%56%83%8.1%43%6%
24Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 3.1%11%42%82%10.8%10%2%
25Bloopers-4Gigatron 2.1%9%47%83%6.5%24%4%
26Artillery 5Devon 1.8%5%58%87%7.9%21%2%
27balunelel 1.8%3%82%85%2.9%67%6%
28Ring of Fire 4Devon 1.6%4%66%88%6.8%28%2%
29FocusDaan 0.9%4%56%91%5.2%14%1%
30nom nom 1.2elel 0.3%3%59%93%4.9%3%1%
31Baronator 1.2Hector 0.1%1%69%95%3.6%7%5%
Overall (2200 rounds):17%51%66%153%

Forgotten tournament

(24 Nov 2009, but not posted until 25 Dec - and I thought I was slow about the last one?) David Shellard wrote a lot of aggressive giants, and got five of the top six places. First place goes to The Lunacy, which he describes as an "exploit".

(Devon 20100105) It's not an exploit. The success of the five Massive Beast-based sides is largely because they have heavy long-range weapons, and there are currently no sides that handle that well. While most good sides have fighters that follow the shots back to their source, there are none that dodge well enough to avoid dying before they get there. So until the Massive Beast encounters a large enough force to kill it after suffering losses, it can attack with impunity. Fortunately there is a counter to this. Dodging the shots greatly reduces the damage taken, enabling even a small force to kill a Massive Beast. Warren has demonstrated this with active dodging (in an unreleased variant of Active 6), and it's probably possible to do nearly as well with passive dodging, by simply zigzagging slightly when chasing shots.

RankSideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
1The LunacyDavid/Warren 39.4%46%39%26%19.7%85%25%
2ARG 1.1David 24.3%23%53%51%14.5%75%30%
3The HordeDavid/Midnight 21.7%33%40%46%17.9%66%16%
4Revenge Killer 4Warren 19.0%27%42%54%14.0%69%11%
5Massive Beast 2 + NanosDavid and Midnight 18.5%30%41%49%15.7%61%23%
6Massive Beast 2 CopiaDavid 16.1%22%44%60%15.9%63%24%
7Weird Men DMatt Burkholder 12.8%22%46%59%10.1%56%9%
8Segregated Eaters 3Matt Burkholder 11.5%17%57%61%8.4%61%11%
9CyclopsWarren 10.6%29%35%55%15.0%36%9%
10Move Zig! 3ziggystar 10.3%22%48%58%8.9%46%8%
11Adaptive 4.0cMatt Burkholder 6.9%12%67%63%7.8%52%7%
12Shield + Cowards 2gAlexander (aka nfwu) 6.7%21%55%53%8.0%32%4%
13Borg (v1)Borg 6.5%8%78%61%7.4%51%8%
14Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 5.8%15%47%72%10.5%17%3%
15Commune Plus 2Devon/Warren 5.5%11%66%68%7.5%49%6%
16Productive Plus 4DvF/Devon 5.0%8%76%65%6.0%55%4%
17Unproductive 2Devon 5.0%15%53%67%8.5%30%7%
18Walled City 2Warren 4.8%12%63%67%7.4%38%7%
19Business Cycle 8Matt Burkholder 4.3%10%60%75%7.3%40%5%
20Wild Men 2Matt Burkholder 4.0%8%63%79%6.8%51%6%
21Wise Men (without José)Matt Burkholder 4.0%12%40%79%9.4%30%9%
22Move Zig! (no corner)ziggystar 4.0%6%69%80%5.5%62%4%
23Untouchable 4Warren 3.8%11%68%67%6.8%33%4%
24Commune 10Devon 3.6%9%65%74%7.3%37%5%
25Single botDavid 3.4%8%62%78%6.4%41%11%
26BomberzAlexander 2.5%12%62%68%6.9%21%4%
Overall (4849 rounds):17%55%61%

At long last

(21 Aug 2008) People have sent me several sides this year, and I've forgotten to run a tournament until now (and I still forgot to include Adaptive 1.3.) Here are the results.

RankSideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
1Revenge Killer 4Warren 29.3%45%19%44%17.4%64%20%
2Weird Men DMatt Burkholder 20.5%40%22%49%13.6%50%15%
3Segregated Eaters 3Matt Burkholder 20.4%32%36%50%9.8%59%18%
4Move Zig! 3ziggystar 20.1%43%31%38%10.8%46%14%
5CyclopsWarren 14.7%55%15%36%16.2%27%12%
6Walled City 2Warren 11.1%33%35%50%11.2%33%14%
7Unproductive 2Devon 10.7%32%30%54%10.9%30%13%
8Shield + Cowards 2fAlexander 10.5%34%51%30%7.2%30%5%
9Commune Plus 2Devon/Warren 9.1%21%42%63%9.9%39%9%
10Business Cycle 8Matt Burkholder 8.7%22%38%64%9.4%36%8%
11Move Zig! (no corner)ziggystar 8.0%15%38%75%9.6%50%9%
12Weird Men CMatt Burkholder 6.9%27%21%66%11.2%24%10%
13Productive Plus 4DvF/Devon 6.8%15%69%51%6.0%43%5%
14Commune 10Devon 6.6%21%40%65%10.1%29%8%
15Untouchable 4Warren 6.3%20%44%64%9.4%30%7%
16Wise Men (without José)Matt Burkholder 6.2%24%20%70%11.0%25%14%
17Wild Men 2Matt Burkholder 6.2%15%44%74%8.6%41%9%
18BomberzAlexander 5.1%27%45%51%7.7%19%6%
19Eventually... 14Devon 3.8%11%49%77%6.3%32%6%
20Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 3.0%8%71%74%5.4%36%2%
21VirtueDevon 2.9%13%39%78%8.0%17%6%
22Wise Men 2Matt Burkholder 2.7%16%22%79%10.1%15%9%
Overall (2345 rounds):26%37%59%148%

The top five are all well-armed gatherers. I suspect they're ascendant because both their growth rates have been improving (all the top three now have some form of food-sharing), so they exploit territory better than before. The colonial sides are also somewhat lagging in technology - few have food-sharing or dodging, and none know how to hit dodgers. Once they catch up, the performance of the gatherers will probably drop.

I should probably leave the last four sides out of the next tournament, which will be a milestone: finally, Productive and Eventually will be gone.


(18 Dec 2007) Smaller tournament this time - it's just the top 20 from the previous tournament, plus new sides. I kept the old versions of SegE and Revenge Killer to verify that the new ones are better, but only kept the latest version of Weird Men. You could make a case for dropping Productive 5f and Wise Men 2 as well, since they have better derivatives.

RankSideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
1Segregated Eaters 3Matt Burkholder 27.4%42%31%39%11.6%62%22%
2Segregated Eaters 2Matt Burkholder 22.6%46%24%40%11.3%48%19%
3Move Zig! 3ziggystar 20.0%44%29%38%10.8%45%13%
4Revenge Killer 3Warren 18.9%34%20%57%15.5%54%14%
5CyclopsWarren 16.8%57%13%34%16.9%29%13%
6Walled City 2Warren 12.0%32%34%51%11.6%36%14%
7Unproductive 2Devon 11.8%34%27%54%11.1%35%12%
8Weird Men cMatt Burkholder 10.8%35%17%58%12.6%29%13%
Shield + Cowards 2fAlexander 10.8%34%52%30%7.0%32%5%
10Commune Plus 2Devon/Warren 10.0%23%39%63%10.2%42%10%
11Untouchable 4Warren 7.5%23%42%60%9.8%32%7%
12Move Zig! (no corner)ziggystar 7.1%13%39%79%9.2%53%8%
13Productive Plus 4DvF/Devon 6.8%16%69%50%5.7%42%5%
14Commune 10Devon 6.3%20%41%66%9.8%30%8%
15Wise Men (without José)Matt Burkholder 5.9%23%19%71%10.9%25%14%
16BomberzAlexander 5.5%26%49%48%7.2%21%6%
17Business Cycle 7Matt Burkholder 4.6%19%51%61%8.2%22%8%
18Revenge Killer 2Warren 4.4%16%34%76%10.0%27%6%
19VirtueDevon 3.4%14%38%78%8.2%19%6%
20Eventually 14Devon 2.8%8%48%84%6.4%28%5%
21Wise Men 2Matt Burkholder 2.6%15%18%82%10.6%16%9%
22Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 2.5%6%72%78%5.1%37%2%
Overall (1761 rounds):26%37%59%

Notice the low survival. The top five sides all have a wandering-gatherer component, and fight for territory to gether in. Such sides have very volatile scores - they either win a lot of territory or starve. Competition with the top five means the less well-armed ones scored very badly. Sides which don't need territory (i.e. ones with more solar cells) aren't affected as much.

Shield + Cowards is the opposite extreme - it ignores the world and hides. Its 30% late death rate is remarkable with so many aggressors around. Evidently hiding is more effective when you have better defenses than Productive. But it still has the horrible early-death problem associated with corner-hiding, and it's getting worse as more and more sides do this. Can anyone fix this? Cyclops takes corners reliably by starting with a large (and sophisticated) army, but it must grow very fast to recover. A more cautious approach (like Unproductive, but actively seeking corners) might help, if someone can pull it off.

Even huger

(1 Jan 2007) My new machine runs at 500-1000 fps, so I ran 2007 rounds - more rounds per side than most tournaments have had total. I think I won't include quite as many sides in the next tournament, though - the last eight or so are pretty helpless by modern standards.

RankSideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
1Segregated Eaters 2Matt Burkholder 35.1%58%20%27%12.8%58%27%wandering
2Move Zig! 3ziggystar 29.9%59%22%24%12.5%50%18%corner + wandering
3Weird Men cMatt Burkholder 18.2%54%11%40%14.1%33%19%wandering
4Walled City 2Warren 17.2%46%27%38%12.7%36%19%mobile group
5Wise Men (without José)Matt Burkholder 16.2%43%10%52%13.2%37%23%wandering
6Commune Plus 2Devon/Warren 15.8%33%34%50%11.4%45%13%stationary
7Unproductive 2Devon 15.5%44%22%44%11.8%34%16%hiding/fleeing nongroup
8Untouchable 4Warren 15.2%41%30%42%12.1%36%12%stationary
9Shield + Cowards 2fAlexander 14.2%45%43%21%8.0%32%5%corner
10Move Zig! (no corner)ziggystar 14.2%23%36%65%10.7%62%13%wandering
11Commune 10Devon 10.9%32%30%54%11.8%32%11%stationary
12Business Cycle 7Matt Burkholder 10.2%37%35%43%11.5%26%14%fancy group
13Productive Plus 4DvF/Devon 10.0%22%62%41%6.8%44%8%corner
14Revenge Killer 2Warren 9.7%29%22%63%13.5%33%10%wandering
15Eventually 14Devon 9.7%26%33%61%8.2%35%9%stationary
16Wise Men 2Matt Burkholder 8.4%34%10%62%13.1%23%15%wandering
17BomberzAlexander 7.7%39%39%36%8.4%19%7%corner
18Weird MenMatt Burkholder 6.3%30%15%64%10.9%20%7%wandering
19VirtueDevon 4.9%20%28%72%9.3%18%8%wandering
20Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 4.9%11%63%70%6.6%41%3%corner
21Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 4.8%26%23%67%12.7%7%3%wandering
22Wild MenMatt Burkholder 4.6%24%19%70%10.3%18%11%wandering
23C&C Adaptive 1.2Matt Burkholder 4.4%15%54%68%7.0%24%8%stationary
24Ocean FrontMatt Burkholder 3.9%34%32%50%7.5%11%6%corner
25Gunner 4Warren 3.8%14%53%69%5.8%27%5%stationary
26Active 6Warren 3.7%16%45%71%9.3%18%8%wandering
27ShepherdsDevon 3.7%12%49%76%7.4%30%0%mobile group
28Noffee 4Warren/Devon 3.6%17%27%76%10.0%14%5%wandering
29Grudge 4Devon 3.1%11%55%76%5.8%29%3%stationary
30Frog Celestial 2Devon 3.0%19%20%76%9.4%15%6%wandering
31Bacteria 4Devon 2.7%15%21%81%8.6%17%3%wandering
32Flower 2Tilendor 1.8%5%59%89%7.0%20%2%stationary

Huge ungainly tournament

(18 June 2006, but not uploaded until October) 790 rounds. Errors up to 5.2% (SegE), most under 2.5%.

RankSideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
1Move Zig! 3ziggystar 31.5%62%19%22%12.6%50%19%
2Segregated Eaters 1.1Matt Burkholder 30.4%50%31%27%12.4%55%24%
3Wise Men (without José)Matt Burkholder 20.6%50%9%45%14.5%39%27%
4Productive Plus 4DvF/Devon 18.9%33%55%26%8.8%57%12%
5Commune Plus 2Devon/Warren 18.5%38%34%43%11.2%47%15%
6Walled CityWarren 17.6%42%21%47%13.9%40%20%
7UnproductiveDevon 16.5%43%31%37%11.0%37%15%
8Untouchable 4Warren 15.8%43%29%39%12.7%35%14%
9Commune 10Devon 14.9%39%26%47%13.4%36%14%
10Business Cycle 7Matt Burkholder 13.7%43%34%35%13.0%30%16%
11Revenge Killer 2Warren 11.8%25%25%67%12.2%45%10%
12Move Zig! (no corner)ziggystar 11.0%20%31%70%10.7%52%12%
13Wise Men 2Matt Burkholder 8.9%35%13%60%13.4%24%17%
14Wild MenMatt Burkholder 8.7%35%12%61%12.6%24%15%
15Eventually 14Devon 8.5%25%31%64%9.0%32%9%
16Weird MenMatt Burkholder 7.2%32%20%59%11.4%21%7%
17C&C Adaptive 1.2Matt Burkholder 5.9%19%54%59%7.7%23%9%
18ShepherdsDevon 5.6%14%46%75%8.3%41%0%
19Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 5.2%24%24%69%13.1%7%3%
20Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 5.0%14%61%65%7.7%34%4%
21Grudge 4Devon 4.8%17%45%69%7.4%29%4%
22Ocean FrontMatt Burkholder 4.6%39%29%45%8.0%11%7%
23Frog Celestial 2Devon 4.6%29%16%66%10.1%16%6%
24VirtueDevon 4.5%16%30%76%9.3%19%8%
25Gunner 4Warren 4.4%18%47%66%7.0%24%5%
26Noffee 4Warren/Devon 4.1%18%32%74%10.0%15%5%
27Bacteria 4Devon 3.9%20%21%74%9.2%19%4%
28Flower 2Tilendor 2.2%7%59%84%7.2%22%2%
29Dark Forest 0.2Alexander 0.4%4%58%91%4.1%9%1%
30Flaming ForestAlexander 0.3%4%66%87%4.1%5%2%
31Forest FightersAlexander 0.0%3%41%96%3.9%2%4%

Hiding matters - compare the two Move Zigs.

More analysis later

(5 June 2006) 550 rounds. Errors 0.9-5.2%.

RankSideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
1Segregated EatersMatt Burkholder 23.7%46%27%37%11.0%49%18%
2Commune Plus 2Devon/Warren 19.9%42%28%41%12.3%44%16%
3Walled CityWarren 19.7%49%23%37%12.9%40%21%
4Untouchable 4Warren 18.5%47%25%38%12.5%39%14%
5Wise Men (without José)Matt Burkholder 16.7%52%9%42%13.5%31%26%
6Business Cycle 7Matt Burkholder 15.3%50%30%29%12.7%29%17%
7UnproductiveDevon 15.0%42%28%41%10.2%35%16%
8Productive Plus 4DvF/Devon 14.2%28%51%43%8.7%51%10%
9Wise Men 2Matt Burkholder 13.4%47%12%47%13.9%27%19%
10Revenge Killer 2Warren 12.0%36%16%57%13.4%31%11%
11Commune 10Devon 11.6%37%32%45%11.0%30%12%
12Weird MenMatt Burkholder 8.5%34%17%59%11.0%23%7%
13Wild MenMatt Burkholder 7.2%29%19%65%10.5%23%12%
14Eventually 14Devon 6.4%22%39%64%7.7%27%7%
Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 6.4%15%58%64%7.3%40%4%
16VirtueDevon 5.5%24%25%69%8.9%18%8%
17Grudge 4Devon 4.7%16%47%70%6.8%30%3%
18Noffee 4Warren/Devon 4.5%22%29%69%9.6%17%4%
Bacteria 4Devon 4.5%20%20%75%8.8%20%5%
20Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 4.3%24%26%67%11.8%5%2%
Gunner 4Warren 4.3%18%52%63%5.6%24%4%
22ShepherdsDevon 3.9%13%46%75%7.4%29%0%
23Ocean FrontMatt Burkholder 3.8%35%27%52%7.3%10%6%
24Frog Celestial 2Devon 3.6%30%21%63%9.0%12%6%
25MicroAlgaeTilendor 1.9%9%46%83%6.0%20%0%

Grudge's early score is better than Gunner's. Significantly so. This means provoking enemies is now a bigger problem than ignoring them, at least in the beginning. It doesn't do so well later.

All the gatherers, except Segregated Eaters, have a late death rate more than three times their early death rate. This is partly because their early death rates overstate their early performance, and partly because they're unable to concentrate enough force to win battles in the late game. A wandering gatherer might be improved by deliberately keeping its army in a group.


(20 Nov 2005) This was a bit bigger than usual - 28 sides for 600 rounds (10626346 frames in 41296 s = 257 fps). Error is still pretty big. This table is modified from the output of headless mode. The survival score includes the sterile case, so Not Quite Harmless scores very high.

RankSideScoreErrorSurvival Early
1Untouchable 327.0%2.6% 80%8%16%14.8%34%69%
2Business Cycle 724.3%3.2% 69%18%16%14.9%35%168%
3Wise Men (without Jose)23.6%4.2% 65%5%34%14.2%36%255%
4Segregated Eaters21.4%4.6% 49%28%42%10.6%44%166%
5Shepherds20.4%3.7% 50%12%43%14.6%41%0%
6Productive Plus 416.6%4.1% 29%55%35%7.6%58%101%
7Commune Plus16.2%3.3% 42%29%45%10.7%39%84%
8Wise Men 215.1%3.4% 50%7%47%13.6%30%271%
9Eventually... 1414.5%2.9% 43%22%48%9.4%34%115%
10Revenge Killer 212.7%3.6% 32%19%62%11.2%40%141%
11Weird Men12.3%2.7% 50%6%49%12.2%24%114%
12Commune 910.1%2.3% 33%31%52%10.1%30%120%
13Wild Men8.3%2.7% 36%13%59%10.9%23%303%
14Gunner 46.8%1.9% 24%33%65%8.0%29%114%
15Virtue6.4%2.0% 29%23%68%9.5%22%210%
16Not Quite Harmless 35.8%1.3% 82%19%64%12.5%7%97%
17Noffee 45.0%1.6% 37%19%69%10.5%14%157%
18Grudge 45.0%1.8% 19%47%63%6.6%26%74%
19Ocean Front4.8%1.2% 41%24%48%7.9%12%200%
20Frog Celestial 23.7%1.4% 29%19%65%8.8%13%219%
21Bacteria 43.5%1.5% 19%15%79%8.5%18%155%
22Productive 5f3.2%1.6% 9%62%79%6.2%37%74%
23Feudal 33.0%1.2% 15%39%77%6.9%20%281%
24Noffee 32.7%1.1% 28%20%79%9.7%10%243%
25Revenge Garden2.4%1.1% 13%46%79%6.9%18%174%
26Not Quite Wise1.9%0.7% 17%32%76%8.0%11%179%
27Missile Bacteria 21.9%1.0% 19%13%80%8.7%10%156%
28Ants 4f1.8%0.7% 21%19%78%6.9%9%148%

Notice how well late death predicts score?

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Grobots by Devon Schudy and Warren Schudy
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