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The Newbie Tournaments are intended to allow new players to compete with each other without the demoralizing effect of being killed over and over by the best sides. They're open to players who have not yet had a side place in the top ten or so of the regular tournaments. They aren't held regularly but when sides arrive - if you want to enter, send up your sides; we'll probably announce a Newbie Tournament for a few weeks later, in hopes of getting sides from other players.

Newbie Tournament 8

(Warren 2012-09-29) Here are the results of the newbie tournament I promised. There were no new submissions, but I ran an old side "exp2" from the mailing list files area that doesn't appear to have been included in any tournaments before. I ran 12001 rounds, which brought the error on each score down to at most 1.3 percentage points. Borg came in first, with Bloopers and Balun tied for second (to within statistical error).

1Borg (v1)Borg41.2%44%49%13%20.1%78%32%
6Carrier has arrivedMidnight12.3%21%47%60%15.3%54%19%
7Nanomachines Beta1Midnight12.3%17%39%73%8.2%69%9%
9Solar->Gatherer->KillerIds Braam7.3%15%51%69%7.8%44%5%
10Baronator 1.2Hector6.9%15%29%79%11.5%44%21%
13nom nom 1.2elel5.7%18%31%74%11.3%22%7%
15MicroAlgaeTyson Hoffman3.4%10%46%81%8.4%33%0%
16The Borg CubeMax2.5%7%59%82%9.2%31%10%
17Simple-1James Austin2.0%7%56%83%7.9%26%0%
19Swarm 0.6Raszul1.3%6%48%88%7.2%21%5%
20NovaTyson & Ryan1.1%3%74%88%4.9%28%1%
23Smarter EaterAnalog Kid0.4%5%50%89%5.3%8%0%
Overall (12001 rounds):16%47%69%157%

Newbie Tournament 7

(2012-04-23) In the two and a half years since the last Newbie Tournament, five new sides and an upgrade have arrived. Some of them have been waiting for years, so rather than announce a tournament and make them wait even longer, I just ran one.

RankSideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
1BorgBorg 50.7%54%39%10%22.5%79%41%
2Bloopers-4Gigatron 48.0%64%10%28%23.9%74%32%
3DanmakuMidnight 31.8%46%24%40%15.5%70%34%
4Nanomachines β1Midnight 24.1%31%21%60%12.8%71%17%
5TomatoesZacechawa 17.5%38%21%52%16.2%45%13%
6Carrier has arrived 2Midnight 14.6%26%39%58%16.4%54%22%
7Solar->Gatherer->KillerIds Braam 10.7%22%42%63%9.5%45%8%
8HasherGigatron 8.4%17%27%77%9.4%51%7%
9Flower 2Tilendor 8.3%15%42%75%12.3%41%7%
10MicroAlgaeTilendor 5.1%16%35%75%9.6%31%0%
11MangeursSzeety 3.9%12%48%76%9.9%32%0%
12Simple-1James Austin 3.6%13%45%76%10.3%28%0%
13The Borg Cube 8Max 3.6%11%49%79%11.1%31%13%
14SwarmRaszul 2.8%12%40%79%8.3%23%8%
15NovaTyson & Ryan 2.5%6%67%80%6.2%30%2%
16StatSpawnmcmadhatter 1.6%10%37%84%8.8%15%8%
17Smarter EaterAnalog Kid 1.1%11%33%83%7.5%9%0%
18BaronatorHector 1.0%8%26%89%8.7%8%18%
19SymphonyZacechawa 0.7%2%76%90%3.2%25%2%
20T2-base-basedmcmadhatter 0.6%7%53%86%4.8%9%5%
21My AlgaeAnalog Kid 0.4%2%73%92%5.6%19%0%
22Death BorgsZacechawa 0.3%1%78%96%3.0%33%1%
23Diagonal ExplorerMarcos Coelho Marín 0.1%2%43%96%2.9%3%2%
24mini-eatersIds Braam 0.1%3%34%95%1.8%2%1%
Overall (2798 rounds):18%42%69%130%

...yes, we have Death Borgs, the Borg Cube, and Borg by Borg.

Borg has modern syphon-fed dodging fighters, which win a lot of fights, but its centralized constructors are few and fragile, so it often dies early by losing them. (It doesn't help that they sometimes run unprotected into enemy territory.) How well would it do with an economy that lacked this single point of failure?

Bloopers divides territory among its gatherers, and has food sharing, so it grows unusually fast.

The Borg Cube stays rigidly in formation around a central constructor. Like most such sides, it's very vulnerable to losing the central cell.

Swarm has lightly armed gatherers and more heavily armed stationary defenders. Like most stationary defenders, they're often too far from the battle to help.

Baronator has armed gatherers and missiles. Unfortunately, due to a bug it builds almost exclusively missiles, so it doesn't grow.

Carrier has arrived 2 demonstrates the value of fixing bugs. It has only a few small changes from the previous version (diff them and see), but they fix some unreasonable behavior (e.g. turning off the constructor when not eating), making it a much stronger side. Many other sides could be similarly improved by fixing a few bugs.

Newbie Tournament 6

(19 September 2009) Six new sides from three new authors! And one of them is good enough to take on the Top Nine.

RankSideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
1Massive Beast 2 testDavid Shellard 67.3%74%8%20%24.7%89%54%
2Nanomachines β1Midnight 33.6%41%20%48%16.1%78%23%
3Single botDavid Shellard 33.3%46%27%37%14.4%72%38%
4TomatoesZacechawa 18.2%35%22%56%19.8%51%14%
5DanmakuMidnight 15.0%23%38%63%11.1%65%24%
6Solar->Gatherer->KillerIds Braam 11.2%21%39%66%10.5%50%8%
7HasherGigatron 6.3%13%31%82%9.4%50%6%
8FlowerTilendor 5.1%10%45%83%12.5%36%7%
9Simple 1James Austin 3.4%12%46%78%10.8%29%0%
10MicroAlgaeTilendor 3.1%13%38%80%9.3%24%0%
11MangeursSzeety 2.7%7%47%86%11.6%37%0%
12NovaTyson & Ryan 1.3%6%60%86%6.7%17%3%
13StatSpawnmcmadhatter 1.0%7%43%87%8.6%15%8%
14My AlgaeAnalog Kid 0.7%3%69%89%6.1%22%0%
15SymphonyZacechawa 0.5%3%73%89%3.8%18%1%
16Carrier has arrivedMidnight 0.5%3%53%94%10.6%12%9%
17Smarter EaterAnalog Kid 0.5%8%34%87%9.4%5%0%
18T2-base-basedmcmadhatter 0.3%5%50%89%5.2%6%6%
19Diagonal ExplorerMarcos Coelho Marín 0.0%2%42%96%3.4%1%2%
20mini-eatersIds Braam 0.0%1%30%99%2.4%1%1%
21Death BorgsZacechawa 0%0%77%100%3.1%-0%

Newbie Tournament 5

(20 August 2008) Due to a lack of entries, I put off running this tournament for a few weeks after the scheduled time. Eventually a version of Tomatoes arrived that was good enough to win, so I figured this was a good time to run the tournament.

RankSideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
1TomatoesZacechawa 81.2%94%1%5%29.7%86%54%
2Solar->Gatherer->KillerIds Braam 22.0%51%11%43%12.7%42%27%
3Flower 2Tilendor 20.7%40%12%55%16.0%51%17%
4MicroAlgaeTilendor 10.1%34%17%59%10.5%30%0%
5Simple 1James Austin 5.2%26%23%67%13.1%20%0%
6StatSpawnmcmadhatter 4.7%37%3%62%13.3%13%26%
7MangeursSzeety 3.7%17%28%76%12.1%21%0%
8NovaTyson & Ryan 2.5%20%44%65%7.9%11%7%
9Smarter EaterAnalog Kid 0.6%15%13%83%8.8%4%0%
10T2-base-basedmcmadhatter 0.6%18%24%76%7.1%3%14%
11My AlgaeAnalog Kid 0.5%6%60%84%5.9%8%0%
12SymphonyZacechawa 0.4%7%65%80%3.1%5%2%
13mini-eatersIds Braam 0.0%8%17%90%2.5%1%2%
14Diagonal ExplorerMarcos Coelho Marín 0.0%5%18%94%4.2%0%4%
15Death BorgsZacechawa 0%0%68%100%3.0%0%1%

Some comments on the sides:

Newbie Tournament 4

(10 September 2007) This time the tournament was actually scheduled in advance, and we got five new sides. 222 rounds:

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalEarly
1Flower 2Tilendor 43.2%83%7%10%15.1%51%22%
2Solar->Gatherer->KillerIds Braam 33.1%87%3%11%12.8%37%38%
3MicroAlgaeTilendor 16.0%63%5%34%11.5%25%0%
4StatSpawnmcmadhatter 6.4%63%1%37%12.4%9%24%
5MangeursSzeety 6.1%34%18%58%12.0%18%0%
6Simple 1James Austin 6.0%43%7%54%14.6%14%0%
7NovaTyson & Ryan 5.8%46%24%40%9.5%11%11%
8T2-base-basedmcmadhatter 1.2%39%8%58%7.8%3%14%
9Smarter EaterAnalog Kid 0.7%27%9%70%8.9%3%0%
10My AlgaeAnalog Kid 0.4%9%43%84%7.5%5%0%
11Diagonal ExplorerMarcos Coelho Marín 0.1%9%9%90%5.7%1%6%
12mini-eatersIds Braam 0.0%7%9%92%2.3%1%2%

Two notes on tournament rules. First, some sides include a good deal of modified code from the tutorial. I think this is okay, because it's hard to build anything out of parts without understanding the parts well enough to write them yourself. In any case the useful parts of the tutorial are not very exotic - an experienced player can recreate them from memory.

Second, I removed Alexander's sides, because his Shield + Cowards is in the Top Nine. If you prefer to leave his other sides in, the results are (also 222 rounds):

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalEarly
1Forest FightersAlexander 41.6%76%1%23%20.2%55%41%
2Solar->Gatherer->KillerIds Braam 31.9%61%16%27%12.8%50%23%
3Flower 2Tilendor 24.7%46%29%36%12.9%49%15%
4BomberzAlexander 20.5%84%7%10%13.4%24%19%
5MicroAlgaeTilendor 9.5%33%23%56%10.6%29%0%
6StatSpawnmcmadhatter 9.0%56%9%38%11.4%16%19%
7NovaTyson & Ryan 5.4%29%45%48%8.6%17%7%
8Dark Forest [0.2]Alexander 4.8%45%13%48%9.2%10%12%
9MangeursSzeety 4.5%17%32%75%10.4%26%0%
10Simple 1James Austin 3.9%24%27%67%12.9%16%0%
11Flaming ForestAlexander 3.1%36%10%60%9.6%8%12%
12My AlgaeAnalog Kid 1.3%8%51%84%9.4%17%0%
13T2-base-basedmcmadhatter 0.8%24%28%67%6.1%3%8%
14Smarter EaterAnalog Kid 0.4%19%26%75%6.5%2%0%
15mini-eatersIds Braam 0.1%9%14%90%2.4%1%2%
16Diagonal ExplorerMarcos Coelho Marín 0.0%4%25%94%3.7%0%3%

I think I prefer removing sides, because it creates more turnover. If we didn't remove sides when the author (not the side) graduated to the main tournament, sides like Forest Fighters would accumulate. They might not be good enough for the top ten, but they're good enough to intimidate beginners. That's what the Newbie Tournaments are supposed to avoid.

Newbie Tournament 3

(23 July 2006) Added five sides by Alexander. Removed Move Zig! because it's now champion, and the filler sides (Lunatic, Sunflower, and Neorabbit) because we have more than ten newbie sides now. Forest Fighters kills most everything, which makes the tournament run much faster. (230 rounds.)

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalDeath rate Early ScoreFractionKills
1Forest FightersAlexander 40%85%1%15%20.8%47%43%
2Shield + Cowards 2fAlexander 25%79%16%6%11.0%32%11%
3BomberzAlexander 19%88%10%3%11.6%22%25%
4Flower 2Tilendor 15%31%27%58%12.6%41%12%
5MicroalgaeTilendor 7.0%22%23%71%11.0%31%0%
8NovaTilendor & Ryan 5.0%24%36%62%8.9%18%6%
6Dark ForestAlexander 4.1%39%20%52%8.0%10%11%
7Simple 1James Austin 3.0%16%31%77%10.8%19%0%
9Flaming ForestAlexander 1.3%25%16%70%7.9%5%9%
10My AlgaeAnthony Kozar 0.8%6.9%59%83%7.5%12%0%
11Smarter EaterAnthony Kozar 0.3%9.7%24%87%6.8%4%0%
12Diagonal ExplorerMarcos Coelho Marín 0.0%4.0%27%94%3.4%1%3%

Newbie Tournament 2

(13 June 2006) I added Flower 2 and Move Zig!. Both are much better armed than the previous batch of sides.

RankSideAuthorScoreSurvivalEarly ScoreKillsComment
1Move Zig!ziggystar 38%96%8.2%50%Good fighters. Slow growth.
2Flower 2Tilendor 33%76%11.5%32%Pretty and tough, but sometimes self-destructs.
3MicroalgaeTilendor 18%79%10.3%0%Hard to kill off.
4FlowerTilendor 9.0%51%8.1%15%Doing better with fewer tiny gatherers consuming missiles.
5Simple 1James Austin 8.3%65%16.2%0%Good growth. Needs a weapon.
6NeoRabbitDevon 3.6%66%15.7%0%
7SunflowerMatt Burkholder 3.4%38%6.6%7%
8Lunatic 2Devon 2.5%37%6.0%0%
9My AlgaeAnthony Kozar 1.7%19%11.2%0%Destroys itself.
10NovaTilendor & Ryan 1.5%14%8.0%9%Serious friendly fire problem.
11Smarter EaterAnthony Kozar 0.7%39%10.0%0%
12Diagonal ExplorerMarcos Coelho Marín 0.1%24%8.2%5%Grows early, but starves later. Buggy fighters.
Overall:50%Only 105 rounds, because they're still a bit slow. Error <= 5.1%.

Newbie Tournament 1

(15 March 2006) The release of the Windows version brought a bunch of new users (okay, two of them). There are now enough users who have never won a tournament that Tilendor organized a tournament for them. There are seven sides from four and a half authors, plus three old sides to pad the roster to ten.

Because none of these sides are well-armed, the population increases greatly and slows down the simulation. Therefore no one has run enough rounds to have reliable results. The scores given here are based on only 20 rounds. Survival was nearly 100%, except for My Algae.

1MicroalgaeTilendor37%Skittish algae.
2Simple 1James Austin28%
3My AlgaeAnthony Kozar16%Destroys itself.
Smarter EaterAnthony Kozar< 3%
Diagonal ExplorerMarcos Coelho MarínBuggy.
NovaTilendor & RyanBuggy.
SunflowerMatt Burkholder
Lunatic 2Devon

Newbies: send in more sides, and updated versions of these, so we can continue this tournament!

Grobots by Devon Schudy and Warren Schudy