Grobots - Tournaments - 2004

Simple wild virtue

(15 August 2004) 400 rounds, with three new sides. Simple-1 demonstrates that unarmed sides aren't viable any more. Grudge 3 demonstrates that if you enter a side in a tournament without testing it first, you might find that ignores enemies a bit more than you intended. :)

RankSideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
1Untouchable 3Warren 27.7%71%10%21%14.6%38%
2Wise Men 2Matt Burkholder 26.8%61%5%36%14.4%43%
3Revenge Killer 2Warren 23.0%48%19%41%12.2%45%
4Commune PlusDevon/Warren 22.2%48%21%39%12.0%46%
5Productive Plus 4DvF/Devon 18.9%42%41%29%9.4%44%
6Business Cycle 6Matt Burkholder 14.8%58%10%35%15.5%23%
7Commune 9Devon 14.0%42%26%43%11.6%33%
8Wild MenMatt Burkholder 11.6%42%10%53%12.2%26%
9Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 9.9%40%16%52%13.5%12%
10Eventually 14Devon 9.4%30%26%60%9.1%31%
11Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 8.2%19%53%60%7.5%40%
12Bacteria 4Devon 7.1%24%15%72%9.1%27%
13Ocean FrontMatt Burkholder 6.4%54%16%35%8.6%12%
VirtueDevon 6.4%27%18%68%9.8%18%
15Frog Celestial 2Devon 6.3%42%12%52%10.3%15%
Gunner 4Warren 6.3%26%43%55%6.2%24%
17Revenge GardenDevon 4.2%17%29%76%9.5%21%
18Feudal 3Devon 3.5%18%30%74%7.7%19%
19Ants 4fWarren 3.0%23%15%73%7.5%12%
20Noffee 3Warren/Devon 2.9%25%20%69%9.4%9%
21Not Quite WiseWarren 2.6%22%23%72%9.8%12%
22Missile Bacteria 2Devon 2.1%21%8%77%9.1%9%
23Grudge 3Devon 1.5%8%53%83%5.1%18%
24Simple-1James Austin 1.1%6%52%89%6.4%20%


(April 24, 2004) 400 rounds. This is the first tournament where forcefields show up on shot sensors, but it doesn't seem to affect the scores much, even though three of the top six sides use forcefields.

SideAuthor ScoreNonsterile
12Untouchable 3Warren 29.1%76%12%14%14.2%38%
21Wise Men 2Matt Burkholder 28.2%64%7%32%14.9%42%
33Revenge Killer 2Warren 26.4%54%16%36%14.8%48%
44Commune PlusDevon/Warren 21.7%50%20%38%12.5%41%
519Business Cycle 6Matt Burkholder 15.3%57%13%34%15.4%25%
5Productive Plus 4DvF/Devon 15.3%31%56%29%7.4%48%
76Commune 9Devon 15.2%42%23%45%11.3%33%
87Eventually 14Devon 9.6%31%29%56%8.3%29%
98Frog Celestial 2Devon 6.9%40%19%51%9.8%17%
9Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 6.9%18%55%60%7.2%36%
119Bacteria 4Devon 6.5%28%14%67%9.7%22%
12-Ocean FrontMatt Burkholder 5.7%50%23%35%8.4%11%
1312Gunner 4Warren 5.3%22%52%55%5.3%25%
1418Missile Bacteria 2Devon 5.1%19%13%78%9.1%25%
1511Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 4.9%24%27%68%11.5%6%
1613Revenge GardenDevon 4.6%17%37%72%8.9%24%
1715Feudal 3Devon 3.4%18%27%75%8.0%17%
1817Ants 4fWarren 3.0%24%18%71%7.8%12%
14Noffee 3Warren/Devon 3.0%18%25%76%9.4%11%
2020Not Quite WiseWarren 2.3%20%27%73%8.2%12%
2116ExcommunicateDevon 1.8%21%21%74%8.6%5%
21Wiser 2Warren 1.8%20%25%74%9.2%9%

Wise indeed

(April 8, 2004) Wise Men 2 arrived back in February, and I neglected to run a tournament with it right away. Guess I should have. 320 rounds.

RankSideAuthor ScoreEarly
1Wise Men 2Matt Burkholder 30.6%15.0%69%
2Untouchable 3Warren 27.8%14.3%78%
3Revenge Killer 2Warren 25.1%14.5%48%
4Commune PlusDevon/Warren 22.2%12.6%49%
5Productive Plus 4DvF/Devon 16.8%8.1%36%
6Commune 9Devon 16.4%12.4%48%
7Eventually 14Devon 11.5%8.4%34%
8Frog Celestial 2Devon 9.6%10.3%43%
9Bacteria 4Devon 7.2%10.4%34%
Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 7.2%7.6%16%
11Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 6.3%12.7%27%
12Gunner 4Warren 5.2%6.3%24%
13Revenge GardenDevon 5.0%10.4%21%
14Noffee 3Warren/Devon 3.5%9.5%20%
15Feudal 3Devon 3.3%7.8%17%
16ExcommunicateDevon 3.2%9.2%25%
17Ants 4fWarren 3.1%7.6%24%
18Missile Bacteria 2Devon 2.6%8.6%22%
19Business Cycle 5cMatt Burkholder 2.2%6.9%17%
20Not Quite WiseWarren 2.0%8.6%19%
21Wiser 2Warren 1.6%8.0%18%

Business Cycle is the Side of Death

(February 7, 2004) I was using tiny worlds to debug manna and seed placement. Just for fun, I ran a tournament in them. 2x2 world, 2 sides, .5 manna/tile/frame, 10000 frame time limit (rarely reached). I included a lot of old sides, expecting strange results. 4200 rounds took a few hours. :)

1Business Cycle 5cMatt Burkholder94.7%
2Intoxicated SmallDaniel von Fange93.0%
3Intoxicated 3gDaniel von Fange91.2%
4Life and Death 4Warren79.5%
5Not Quite Harmless 3Warren77.5%
6Wiser 2Warren74.5%
7Not Quite WiseWarren73.6%
8Active 5Warren71.6%
9Feudal 3Devon66.6%
10Gunner 4Warren66.5%
11Commune 9Devon66.3%
12Commune PlusDevon/Warren64.8%
13Noffee 3Warren/Devon64.6%
14Poison Ivy 7Warren64.5%
15Eventually 14Devon60.1%
16Teledont 8Matt Burkholder54.2%
17Vaccine 3Devon53.6%
18Wise MenMatt Burkholder53.5%
19Revenge Killer 2Warren52.9%
20Untouchable 3Warren52.6%
21Cycle 3Devon50.1%
22Rat without shields 2Warren46.4%
23Ants 4fWarren45.9%
24Bacteria 4Devon42.4%
25World Toad 3Devon40.0%
26Megadont fixedMatt Burkholder37.9%
28Frog Celestial 2Devon36.3%
29Gnats 9Matt Burkholder34.3%
30Circle-the-WagonsMatt Burkholder31.8%
31Revenge GardenDevon26.5%
32Sucker 2fDevon17.7%
33Missile Bacteria 2Devon17.4%
34Ring of Fire 3Devon16.0%
35Productive Plus 4DvF/Devon15.9%
36Productive 5fDaniel von Fange12.8%
37Radioactive 2Devon10.2%
38Lunatic 2Devon7.9%

Most of this is unsurprising. Growth and long range are pointless; initial armament is everything. It would be easy to write sides for these duels. I was surprised by Business Cycle, Life and Death, and the Not Quite Wise family, though.

Revenge Killer isn't defeated yet

(February 6, 2004) 300 rounds.

RankSideAuthor ScoreEarly
1Revenge Killer 2Warren 30.2%14.6%60.1%
2Untouchable 3Warren 27.5%14.9%78.3%
3Commune PlusDevon/Warren 27.1%13.3%61.5%
4Commune 9Devon 18.0%12.8%54.3%
5Eventually 14Devon 15.1%9.1%47.8%
Productive Plus 4DvF/Devon 15.1%7.3%31.2%
7Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 10.5%14.0%49.6%
8Frog Celestial 2Devon 9.2%10.1%46.9%
9Wise MenMatt Burkholder 8.6%10.7%29.5%
10Gunner 4Warren 8.0%7.6%34.6%
11Bacteria 4Devon 7.8%11.4%33.3%
12Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 6.7%6.6%19.4%
13Revenge GardenDevon 5.2%10.1%23.6%
14Feudal 3Devon 4.7%8.3%22.2%
15ExcommunicateDevon 4.1%9.0%25.9%
16Ants 4fWarren 3.7%7.8%29.7%
17Missile Bacteria 2Devon 3.6%10.9%23.5%
18Noffee 3Warren/Devon 3.2%9.9%20.8%
19Business Cycle 5cMatt Burkholder 3.1%7.0%22.3%
20Not Quite WiseWarren 2.3%8.8%21.6%
21Wiser 2Warren 2.2%9.1%24.6%
22Active 5Warren 0.7%6.2%8.4%


(January 9, 2004) 440 rounds. We report nonsterile survival, which is about the same as survival for most sides, but much lower for Not Quite Harmless. Kills/Biomass is a measure of aggressiveness, or at least of how much a side fights. We forgot to include the latest Gunner; sorry.

RankSideAuthor ScoreEarly
Kills /
1Untouchable 3Warren 29.1%15.1%86%61%
Commune PlusDevon/Warren 29.1%12.9%63%66%
3Revenge Killer 2Warren 26.8%14.6%53%86%
4Productive Plus 4DvF/Devon 19.5%8.5%41%127%
5Commune 9Devon 15.3%11.4%48%94%
6Untouchable 2fWarren 15.1%12.2%57%59%
7Wise MenMatt Burkholder 14.5%11.5%31%197%
8Bacteria 4Devon 13.3%12.5%43%60%
9Eventually 14Devon 12.0%8.6%38%115%
10Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 10.1%14.4%43%62%
11Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 6.6%7.1%18%66%
12Gunner 3Warren 5.2%7.0%24%88%
13Feudal 3Devon 4.2%8.5%25%247%
14Noffee 3Warren/Devon 4.1%10.3%23%113%
15Missile Bacteria 2Devon 3.9%11.1%29%149%
16Wiser 2Warren 3.3%9.9%28%325%
17Ants 4fWarren 3.2%7.3%28%57%
18Not Quite WiseWarren 2.9%8.8%21%124%
Active 5Warren 2.9%6.8%11%612%
20ExcommunicateDevon 2.8%9.4%22%638%
21Business Cycle 5cMatt Burkholder 2.7%6.8%22%393%
22Frog CelestialDevon 2.4%9.1%25%452%
23Ring of Fire 3Devon 1.7%6.0%5%92%

. o O o .

(January 5, 2004) 240 rounds. Initial manna was raised to 1.5 en/u2 to more closely resemble the level during most rounds. Notice the variation in early score / final score.

RankSideAuthor ScoreEarly
SurvivalGrowth %
1Revenge Killer 2Warren 33.7%13.9%53%80%
2Productive Plus 4DvF/Devon 22.0%7.8%36%89%
3Untouchable 2fWarren 21.9%13.5%73%63%
4Bacteria 4Devon 20.0%13.9%48%88%
5Wise MenMatt Burkholder 18.9%11.5%41%63%
6Eventually 14Devon 17.7%9.2%44%85%
7Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 15.8%15.4%87%56%
8Commune 9Devon 13.9%11.1%41%81%
9Eventually 13Devon 13.0%10.5%36%87%
10Productive Plus 3DvF/Devon 8.8%6.9%22%93%
11Noffee 3Warren/Devon 7.2%11.5%43%74%
12Frog CelestialDevon 6.1%12.5%42%66%
13Gunner 3Warren 6.9%7.9%27%81%
14Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 5.3%7.4%18%95%
15Noffee 2Warren/Devon 5.9%10.3%38%70%
16Feudal 3Devon 5.1%8.1%28%77%
17Wiser 2Warren 4.2%9.9%30%74%
18Ants 4fWarren 3.9%7.3%29%59%
19Ring of Fire 3Devon 3.5%6.6%25%78%
20Business Cycle 5cMatt Burkholder 3.4%7.0%26%64%
21Not Quite WiseWarren 2.9%11.4%27%72%
22ExcommunicateDevon 2.6%9.3%31%68%
23Missile Bacteria 2Devon 2.4%9.4%21%91%
24Active 5Warren 1.5%7.5%8%60%

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Grobots by Devon Schudy and Warren Schudy