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Upgraded just in time

(December 22, 2003) 312 rounds.

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalDeath rates Early
1Revenge Killer 2Warren 32.3%56%11%37%14.7%58%0%
2Wise MenMatt Burkholder 25.0%43%13%50%13.3%58%8%
3Untouchable 2fWarren 19.9%59%13%32%13.4%34%38%
4Revenge KillerWarren 19.3%40%9%56%13.8%49%0%
5Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 18.0%68%4%29%14.0%26%0%
6Commune 9Devon 16.7%48%11%46%12.0%35%55%
7Productive Plus 3DvF/Devon 10.6%25%50%49%9.0%42%100%
8Eventually 13Devon 9.5%27%37%56%8.6%35%100%
9Missile Bacteria 2Devon 9.4%29%5%70%11.0%32%27%
10Active 5Warren 6.6%17%30%76%9.2%39%0%
11Noffee 2Warren/Devon 5.8%29%18%64%9.5%20%23%
12Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 5.5%14%58%68%7.4%40%100%
13ExcommunicateDevon 5.1%38%7%59%10.2%13%0%
15Business Cycle 5cMatt Burkholder 4.4%25%17%69%7.5%17%22%
Feudal 3Devon 4.4%21%21%74%8.4%22%100%
Gunner 3Warren 4.4%20%42%66%7.1%22%100%
17Ants 4fWarren 3.2%22%24%70%7.7%15%57%
18Ring of Fire 3Devon 2.9%11%37%82%6.9%26%100%
19Not Quite WiseWarren 2.8%23%23%70%10.6%12%5%
20Wiser 2Warren 2.6%22%22%72%9.9%12%5%
21Teledont 8Matt Burkholder 1.6%10%53%78%5.7%16%9%

Sides are getting more complex and cooler

(August 14, 2003) 300 rounds.

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalEarly
1Revenge KillerWarren 31.8%48%14.6%13254
2Wise MenMatt Burkholder 27.3%53%13.5%21336
3Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 24.9%79%16.2%9503
4Untouchable 2fWarren 21.0%68%13.4%17118
5Commune 9Devon 17.3%49%11.9%7940
6Productive Plus 3DvF/Devon 9.4%22%8.0%4902
7Eventually 12Devon 8.1%13%5.7%5134
8Missile Bacteria 2Devon 8.0%27%11.8%3065
9Missile Bacteria variantDevon 6.6%27%11.4%3168
10NoffeeWarren/Devon 6.3%38%11.5%3530
11Gunner 3Warren 5.2%27%7.8%864
12Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 5.0%13%6.8%4585
13Wiser 2Warren 4.8%35%11.8%4650
14Not Quite WiseWarren 4.2%27%11.3%3043
15Active 5Warren 3.8%13%8.8%10303
16Ring of Fire 3Devon 3.7%18%7.2%2996
17Ants 4fWarren 3.4%26%6.8%9866
18Feudal 3Devon 2.4%18%8.1%4115
19Business Cycle 5cMatt Burkholder 2.0%21%7.1%12428
Teledont 7Matt Burkholder 2.0%12%5.6%5096

File sizes are in characters, not lines, since some people break lines more often than others.

The Missile Bacteria variant has larger, tougher missiles. This does not appear to be an improvement.

Warren now holds the top three places

(July 21, 2003) 300 rounds.

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalDeath rates Early
1Revenge KillerWarren 37.6%61%10%33%16.3%
2Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 28.0%75%8%19%16.1%
3Untouchable 2Warren 22.8%66%17%21%14.0%
4Commune 8Devon 20.7%54%14%38%12.6%
5Missile Bacteria 2Devon 13.6%45%9%51%14.6%
6Productive Plus 3DvF/Devon 9.3%21%54%55%8.3%
7Active 5Warren 7.6%21%25%72%9.3%
8Ring of Fire 2Devon 7.2%25%37%61%7.3%
9Business Cycle 4fMatt Burkholder 6.1%26%25%66%9.0%
10NoffeeWarren/Devon 5.8%40%13%53%11.0%
11Gunner 2Warren 5.7%25%35%61%8.0%
12Eventually 12Devon 5.4%10%72%65%5.1%
13Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 5.1%13%62%66%6.4%
14Feudal 2Devon 4.5%21%19%74%8.6%
15Wiser 2Warren 4.2%28%25%63%10.6%
16Not Quite WiseWarren 3.5%26%23%66%10.9%
17Ants 4Warren 3.4%23%27%69%7.1%
Teledont 7Matt Burkholder 3.4%15%55%66%6.5%
19World Toad 3Devon 2.2%16%39%73%8.1%
20Intoxicated SmallDaniel von Fange 2.1%16%21%80%9.4%

And it doesn't even dodge

(July 15, 2003) 350 rounds. Revenge Killer often wins by elimination, without doing anything very exotic. Commune and Untouchable did almost as well as before the syphon bug was fixed. The doubletime column was measured with the July 17th version, standard seed in center, 4500 frames, the min and max from 3 trials is reported. A few of the sides used to measure doubletimes were newer than the ones in the tournament (Gunner 3, Feudal 2, Ring of Fire 3).

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalEarly
1Revenge KillerWarren 42.7%58%15.9%32.4%blaster71724-1899
2Not Quite Harmless 3Warren 36.4%84%17.7%14.9%grenades81600-1813
3Commune 8Devon 19.6%52%12.7%21.4%blaster13042-3135
4UntouchableWarren 10.9%38%11.5%7.7%grenades251927-2708
5Teledont 7Matt Burkholder 8.4%21%7.7%11.3%blaster252492-2577
6NoffeeWarren/Devon 7.7%42%10.7%7.2%blaster151449-1616
7Active 5Warren 7.5%22%9.4%16.6%grenades, missiles91974-2282
8Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 7.2%20%7.4%5.7%missiles2580-2693
9Productive Plus 3DvF/Devon 6.9%16%8.6%6.4%missiles2352-2603
10Missile Bacteria 2Devon 6.7%28%10.5%6.2%duh1155-1188
Ring of Fire 2Devon 6.7%18%6.5%5.7%blaster163453-3656
12Eventually 12Devon 6.3%9%5.6%4.5%missiles2418-2418
13Gunner 2Warren 5.8%22%7.3%5.9%grenades204480-4480
14Business Cycle 4fMatt Burkholder 5.7%22%7.2%10.4%missiles, blaster63120-3259
15Not Quite WiseWarren 5.5%36%11.9%6.0%grenades91657-2215
16Intoxicated SmallDaniel von Fange 5.0%23%8.7%16.4%blaster, grenades112668-2850
17Wiser 2Warren 4.7%35%11.3%8.8%missiles, grenades91706-2001
18FeudalDevon 3.8%19%7.0%7.9%blaster14126-4136
19Ants 4Warren 3.3%23%7.8%3.3%grenades164293-4991
20Bacteria 3Devon 2.8%22%10.0%0.0%none1107-1188
21Vaccine 3Devon 2.5%33%12.8%8.4blaster51675-2540

Changing mix of strategies

(June 30, 2003) 300 rounds, standard rules. (This tournament suffers from the syphon bug, so friendly-syphon users may have done too well.)

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalEarly
1Commune 8Devon 35.1%64%13.5%22.0%colony3
2Not Quite Harmless 2Warren 32.5%92%15.0%14.6%skittish1/2
3UntouchableWarren 20.3%41%14.2%9.4%colony4
4Eventually 12Devon 13.1%21%8.6%9.7%colony2/3
5NoffeeWarren/Devon 11.0%47%12.1%7.4%skittish2
6Missile Bacteria 2Devon 10.9%35%10.9%8.0%skittish3
7Productive Plus 3DvF/Devon 10.1%25%7.8%9.0%corner2/4
8Active 5Warren 9.6%30%8.9%19.3%wanders1/2
9Teledont 7Matt Burkholder 9.3%26%8.8%14.6%wanders1
10Intoxicated SmallDaniel von Fange 7.2%31%9.9%19.9%wanders1
11FeudalDevon 6.8%29%8.5%9.4%colony2
12Ants 4Warren 6.6%47%10.1%4.2%colony4
13Wiser 2Warren 6.5%38%12.1%10.7%skittish1/2
Ring of Fire 2Devon 6.5%23%7.7%6.6%colony2
15Gunner 2Warren 6.0%24%9.0%7.5%colony1
16Not Quite WiseWarren 5.7%37%11.0%6.6%skittish1
17Bacteria 3Devon 5.1%30%10.4%0.0%skittish2
18Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 3.9%11%7.2%4.1%corner2/4
19Vaccine 3Devon 3.8%34%10.7%7.6%skittish1
Business Cycle 4fMatt Burkholder 3.8%22%8.1%9.1%colony4
21Intoxicated 3gDaniel von Fange 3.6%10%7.6%18.6%group2
22Sucker 2Devon 2.6%29%7.4%0.0%follows robots1

The Distribution column describes the movement pattern of the side's economic base. If there are two numbers in the Types column, the first is the number of types that move this way or are stationary (i.e. everything but offense), and the second is the total. I included this information to point out that complex colonial sides are becoming more common. They tend to be fun to watch.

Maybe I should stop putting titles on tournaments

(May 28, 2003) 350 rounds, standard rules.

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalDeath rates Early
1Not Quite HarmlessWarren 21.5%72%12%19%14.2%30%9.5%
2Missile Bacteria 2Devon 20.1%57%9%37%16.1%35%12.0%
3Commune 7Devon 19.2%48%15%43%12.2%40%15.0%
4Teledont 7Matt Burkholder 14.4%27%42%54%8.7%54%16.1%
5Active LargeWarren 14.2%31%23%59%11.1%45%25.8%
6Active 4Warren 12.1%25%28%65%10.2%48%16.7%
7Eventually 12Devon 10.8%19%64%48%6.9%58%6.5%
8Bacteria 3Devon 10.5%43%11%52%14.7%24%0.0%
Productive Plus 3DvF/Devon 10.5%23%53%51%8.3%46%8.4%
10Business Cycle 4fMatt Burkholder 9.7%25%44%55%6.8%38%9.1%
11WiserWarren 9.1%43%18%48%13.6%21%11.9%
12Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 8.6%16%55%64%7.6%53%5.8%
13Not Quite Wise 2Warren 8.5%38%20%53%12.7%22%6.1%
14Intoxicated SmallDaniel von Fange 6.8%28%22%64%9.6%24%17.4%
15Ants 4Warren 5.6%40%20%50%8.3%14%4.7%
16FeudalDevon 5.4%23%30%67%7.1%23%6.3%
17Vaccine 3Devon 5.2%36%15%58%12.8%15%8.0%
Gunner 2Warren 5.2%17%40%71%7.5%31%5.4%
19Intoxicated 3gDaniel von Fange 4.6%9%63%76%5.7%52%15.4%
20World Toad 3Devon 4.1%19%41%69%8.7%22%11.5%
21Garden 2Devon 3.9%8%57%81%6.9%47%0.0%


(May 2003) 300 rounds, standard rules.

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalDeath rates Early
1Active LargeWarren 26.2%52%15%39%13.6%51%34.2%
2Missile BacteriaDevon 21.7%54%12%39%13.5%41%13.5%
3Active 4Warren 18.6%38%26%48%10.8%48%20.4%
4Commune 7Devon 15.6%45%21%43%11.3%35%14.0%
5Productive Plus 2DvF/Devon 14.5%24%56%46%8.4%61%8.3%
6Bacteria 3Devon 13.4%49%7%47%16.9%27%0.0%
7Teledont 7Matt Burkholder 11.8%24%50%53%7.9%50%12.9%
8WiserWarren 11.6%45%17%46%14.9%26%13.4%
9Eventually 12Devon 10.7%19%66%45%6.8%57%6.6%
10Vaccine 3Devon 8.2%40%14%53%14.0%20%10.0%
11World Toad 3Devon 7.8%27%42%54%8.9%29%12.8%
Business Cycle 4fMatt Burkholder 7.8%26%38%59%7.6%31%9.5%
13Gunner 2Warren 7.7%31%36%52%8.5%25%6.6%
14Not Quite Wise 2Warren 7.3%37%19%54%14.6%20%5.9%
15Ants 4Warren 7.0%43%22%46%9.3%16%4.9%
16Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 6.4%16%51%67%8.5%40%5.5%
17Intoxicated 3gDaniel von Fange 5.2%13%59%68%7.2%40%18.0%
18Intoxicated SmallDaniel von Fange 4.8%24%33%65%7.1%20%14.8%
19Garden 2Devon 4.3%9%60%76%7.3%46%0.0%
20FeudalDevon 3.9%26%25%66%7.8%15%6.2%
21Poison Ivy 7Warren 3.3%23%37%63%7.2%14%3.3%
22Microb 2Matt Burkholder 2.3%28%15%67%7.1%8%0.0%


(April 29, 2003) 352 rounds (202-233 per side); standard rules. There are three versions of Bacteria here, and numerous relatives, so take these results with a slice of moldy bread. (Yes, there was some version testing going on here.)

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalDeath rates Early
1Commune 7Devon 19.6%50%19%39%11.1%39%13.2%
2Productive Plus 2DvF/Devon 17.7%36%41%39%10.7%49%11.0%
3Commune 6Devon 16.5%45%18%45%10.7%37%11.8%
4Active LargeWarren 13.3%32%21%59%10.1%42%24.9%
5Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 12.0%24%49%53%8.9%49%6.7%
6Eventually 12Devon 11.9%19%61%51%6.9%63%6.3%
7Active 3Warren 10.4%32%23%58%9.0%32%17.3%
8WiserWarren 9.4%40%17%52%13.3%24%10.6%
9Business Cycle 4Matt Burkholder 7.4%24%36%63%7.0%31%9.3%
11Not Quite Wise 2Warren 6.7%35%21%55%11.6%19%5.9%
Missile BacteriaDevon 6.7%34%10%62%8.8%20%7.3%
FeudalDevon 6.7%29%25%61%8.0%23%6.7%
13Vaccine 2Devon 6.6%38%7%59%12.9%18%10.1%
Intoxicated SmallDaniel von Fange 6.6%27%25%65%9.3%25%18.0%
15Bacteria 2Devon 4.6%36%5%62%12.1%13%0.0%
16BacteriaDevon 3.4%32%11%64%9.6%11%0.0%

Business Cycle usually does better; recording tournaments seems to hurt it. :)


(March 27, 2003) 101-142 rounds/side under standard rules, except that rounds were only 9000 frames. This shows what a normal round looks like at the halfway point.

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalDeath ratesFraction
1Active LargeWarren 19.2%75%13%13%25%
2Not Quite WiseWarren 15.7%71%19%13%22%
3VaccineDevon 15.5%79%9%13%20%
4Active 3Warren 14.9%70%15%17%21%
5Commune 5Devon 14.3%66%20%18%22%
6WiserWarren 13.1%64%21%19%21%
7BacteriaDevon 12.5%74%11%16%17%
8Productive PlusDaniel von Fange/Devon 10.9%40%51%19%27%
9Garden 2Devon 10.8%34%44%40%32%
10Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 10.3%36%53%24%29%
11World Toad 3Devon 10.0%48%39%22%21%
12Intoxicated SmallDaniel von Fange 9.8%55%20%31%18%
Teledont 7Matt Burkholder 9.8%44%44%23%23%
14Ants 5Warren 8.9%58%23%24%15%
15Intoxicated 3gDaniel von Fange 8.7%32%56%28%27%
16Eventually 12Devon 8.5%30%60%25%28%
17Business Cycle 4Matt Burkholder 8.3%43%38%31%19%
18FeudalDevon 7.9%50%27%32%16%
19Poison Ivy 6Warren 7.6%54%28%25%14%
20Gunner 2Warren 7.3%43%42%27%17%
21Microb 2Matt Burkholder 7.1%67%10%25%10%
22Algae 2Devon 6.7%21%61%47%32%
23Grudge 2Devon 5.3%31%56%29%17%
24Four Winds 2Warren 4.8%39%32%43%12%
25Wolf PackMatt Burkholder 1.9%28%49%45%7%

While watching tournaments I've often seen a large herd of Vaccines or Wises get gradually killed off in the second half of a round. Their excellent scores indicate this is more common than I realized. These sides' success explains why Garden's resistance to them could have such a large effect.

Seven sides in this tournament contain skittish gatherers. Those are the top seven sides. (Active and Commune's Sustenance run when seriously hurt.)

Active dodging still works

(March 5, 2003) 170-219 rounds/side under standard rules. Damage no longer affects weapons, and force fields are directional. Much of this tournament was determined by sides' ability to survive the onslaught of Actives - see the late death column.

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalDeath ratesFractionAverage biomass
1Active LargeWarren 31.9%47%15%44%68%9K18K39K
2Active 3Warren 24.4%47%13%46%51%7K15K32K
3Commune 5Devon 18.0%43%20%46%42%9K23K53K
4Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 14.6%22%58%48%67%12K23K104K
5Productive PlusDaniel von Fange/Devon 14.5%25%52%48%58%13K25K102K
Eventually 12Devon 14.5%17%64%54%86%15K25K152K
7WiserWarren 10.1%28%21%64%36%9K8K26K
8World Toad 3Devon 8.8%23%42%61%38%10K11K46K
9Intoxicated 3gDaniel von Fange 8.0%14%58%66%56%9K3K22K
10Teledont 7Matt Burkholder 7.8%15%54%68%52%8K6K41K
11Gunner 2Warren 6.7%24%38%62%29%8K11K49K
12FeudalDevon 6.6%28%28%61%24%7K10K35K
13Not Quite WiseWarren 6.5%29%19%64%22%10K8K27K
14BacteriaDevon 6.3%28%11%69%23%9K15K53K
15Intoxicated SmallDaniel von Fange 5.8%22%31%68%26%7K4K19K
16Ants 4Warren 5.5%30%27%59%19%7K7K24K
17Garden 2Devon 5.1%10%56%78%52%15K26K261K
18VaccineDevon 4.8%26%14%70%18%9K7K25K
20Microb 2Matt Burkholder 4.3%29%12%67%15%6K7K25K
Four Winds 2Warren 4.3%19%32%71%22%5K7K34K
Grudge 2Devon 4.3%14%52%70%30%9K8K57K
22Business Cycle 3Matt Burkholder 4.1%14%47%73%30%9K4K31K


(February 5, 2003) 101-132 rounds/side under standard rules, with damage affecting weapons.

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalDeath ratesFractionAverage biomass
1Active LargeWarren 29.9%48%16%42%62%8K16K34K
2Commune 5Devon 21.3%53%17%36%40%9K30K56K
3Productive PlusDaniel von Fange/Devon 19.8%32%54%31%62%13K33K105K
4Commune 4Devon 19.5%48%20%40%41%9K26K55K
5Active 3Warren 17.1%40%17%52%43%8K11K28K
6Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 15.2%25%61%38%62%13K27K110K
7WiserWarren 11.9%42%17%50%28%10K10K24K
8Eventually 12Devon 11.5%15%73%43%76%13K20K132K
9World Toad 3Devon 9.8%27%40%56%37%9K12K46K
10BacteriaDevon 8.2%36%15%58%23%9K22K61K
11Intoxicated 3gDaniel von Fange 7.6%15%61%62%51%9K3K21K
12Teledont 7Matt Burkholder 7.5%22%36%66%35%8K6K28K
13Not Quite WiseWarren 7.0%30%16%64%23%9K9K29K
14Business Cycle 3Matt Burkholder 5.7%21%37%67%27%10K7K32K
15VaccineDevon 5.5%30%14%65%18%9K6K20K
16Four Winds 2Warren 5.3%18%31%75%30%5K8K44K
17Grudge 2Devon 5.2%21%50%58%25%9K9K42K
18Ants 3Warren 5.1%28%30%61%18%7K7K27K
19FeudalDevon 4.8%22%34%67%22%7K8K36K
Gunner 2Warren 4.8%16%56%64%30%8K8K47K
21Intoxicated SmallDaniel von Fange 4.6%18%33%74%26%7K4K21K
Garden 2Devon 4.6%9%60%77%49%15K27K286K
23Microb 2Matt Burkholder 3.5%39%12%56%9%6K5K14K
24Gnats 9Matt Burkholder 0.4%5%54%88%8%7K4749K

World Revolution

(January 16, 2003) 20x10 world, 15 sides/round, with damage affecting weapons. 99-126 rounds/side. This tournament had four versions of Commune. (Soviet and People's Republic are variations on Commune 3.)

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalDeath ratesFractionAverage biomass
1Commune 4Devon 14.8%59%12%33%25%10K36K62K
2Productive PlusDaniel von Fange/Devon 14.4%39%46%27%37%12K38K96K
3Eventually 12Devon 12.9%25%54%46%51%15K37K147K
4Commune 3Devon 10.1%50%9%45%20%9K27K54K
5SovietDevon 8.9%52%17%38%17%9K18K34K
6BacteriaDevon 8.3%54%6%43%15%11K28K52K
7Business Cycle 2fMatt Burkholder 7.4%31%35%52%24%10K19K60K
8People's RepublicDevon 7.1%47%16%44%15%9K16K35K
9WiserWarren 7.0%52%13%40%13%11K16K30K
10Active LargeWarren 6.9%51%17%38%14%10K11K23K
11Not Quite WiseWarren 6.8%46%13%47%15%11K17K36K
Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 6.8%20%65%44%35%12K19K96K
13Active 3Warren 6.2%47%14%45%13%9K12K25K
14Grudge 2Devon 5.7%25%33%63%23%10K17K67K
15FeudalDevon 5.5%39%21%51%14%8K14K37K
16Garden 2Devon 5.3%15%51%69%35%14K31K209K
17Microb 2Matt Burkholder 5.0%54%12%39%9%9K14K26K
18VaccineDevon 4.3%49%17%41%9%11K10K21K
World Toad 3Devon 4.3%28%35%57%16%10K11K40K
20Intoxicated SmallDaniel von Fange 3.8%31%26%57%12%8K9K28K
21Four Winds 2Warren 3.7%31%22%60%12%6K10K33K
22Ants 3Warren 3.5%34%22%57%11%7K10K29K
23Gunner 2Warren 3.3%18%46%66%18%9K10K57K
24Teledont 6fMatt Burkholder 1.9%13%64%62%14%10K4K31K
25Intoxicated 3gDaniel von Fange 1.6%12%52%75%14%9K3K23K

Active dodging works

(January 4, 2003) Standard rules, with the new, higher large-cell damage. 100-132 rounds/side.

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalDeath ratesFractionAverage biomass
1Active LargeWarren 21.5%37%29%49%59%8K11K29K
2Commune 3Devon 20.5%47%22%40%44%9K21K45K
3Active 3Warren 19.9%35%23%54%57%7K11K32K
4Active 2Warren 16.4%37%26%51%45%7K8K21K
5Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 16.0%25%54%45%64%12K26K103K
6Not Quite WiseWarren 13.1%41%25%45%32%10K13K31K
7WiserWarren 12.6%35%17%58%37%9K10K28K
8Intoxicated 3gDaniel von Fange 12.2%19%55%58%64%9K5K24K
9BacteriaDevon 10.8%36%15%58%30%8K21K59K
10Eventually 12Devon 9.4%12%76%48%76%14K15K123K
11Gunner 2Warren 9.2%30%50%40%31%8K16K52K
12VaccineDevon 8.8%39%25%48%23%8K16K30K
13Teledont 6fMatt Burkholder 8.0%15%61%61%53%10K5K32K
14World Toad 3Devon 7.5%19%58%56%41%9K8K43K
15FeudalDevon 7.4%28%38%55%27%8K9K34K
16Business Cycle 2fMatt Burkholder 6.2%19%49%63%33%9K8K43K
17Grudge 2Devon 6.1%17%58%58%35%8K10K57K
18GardenDevon 5.4%9%56%79%58%13K20K219K
19Intoxicated SmallDaniel von Fange 4.1%16%41%72%25%8K3K18K
20Microb 2Matt Burkholder 4.0%34%22%56%12%6K5K16K
21Ants 3Warren 3.7%27%31%61%14%6K5K19K
22Gnats 8Matt Burkholder 1.6%2%74%93%91%9K75043K


(January 2, 2003) 10x10 world, 10 sides/round, 45-61 rounds/side.

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalDeath ratesAverage biomass
1Teledont 6fMatt Burkholder 24.4%41%24%46%16K38K
2Intoxicated 3gDaniel von Fange 22.1%38%36%42%10K27K
3World Toad 3Devon 20.5%41%30%41%25K62K
4Eventually 12Devon 20.2%29%57%33%38K130K
5Commune 2Devon 15.8%44%24%41%19K43K
6Gunner 2Warren 13.8%36%36%44%18K51K
7Business Cycle 2fMatt Burkholder 13.5%31%35%53%17K54K
8Not Quite WiseWarren 11.0%45%17%45%15K34K
9VaccineDevon 8.9%40%16%53%14K34K
10Gnats 8Matt Burkholder 8.5%10%60%75%5K51K
11Grudge 2Devon 8.4%23%44%59%15K64K
12Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 8.3%16%57%62%17K107K
13BacteriaDevon 7.8%40%6%57%21K53K
14Microb 2Matt Burkholder 6.8%37%12%59%11K30K
15Ants 3Warren 6.8%35%22%56%8K23K
16FeudalDevon 6.7%34%25%55%13K38K
17GardenDevon 6.2%16%43%72%20K123K
18WiserWarren 5.9%31%21%61%5K17K
19Active 2Warren 5.6%35%22%56%3K9K
20AlgaeDevon 4.8%7%56%84%41K590K
21Not Quite MadWarren 4.4%34%36%46%5K15K
22Four Winds 2Warren 4.4%31%27%58%8K26K
23MouseWarren 2.8%15%19%81%4K26K
24HaystackWarren 2.7%13%40%78%3K25K


(January 1, 2003) 15x10 world, 12 sides/round, 15-27 rounds/side. An incomplete unarmed side took first, but this may be a fluke.

We fixed the rectangular-world bug in Intoxicated, but it still didn't do well.

1BacteriaDevon 22.5%93%0%
2WiserWarren 13.7%80%7%
3Not Quite WiseWarren 13.7%50%6%
4World Toad 3Devon 12.3%38%31%
5GardenDevon 11.6%33%38%
6Microb 2Matt Burkholder 10.3%52%0%
7Commune 2Devon 9.9%55%14%
8Teledont 6fMatt Burkholder 9.7%29%54%
9Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 9.4%26%63%
10Grudge 2Devon 8.5%38%33%
11Eventually 12Devon 8.1%25%46%
12Intoxicated 3gDaniel von Fange 7.6%37%37%
13Business Cycle 2fMatt Burkholder 6.4%22%43%
14Not Quite MadWarren 6.2%43%19%
15Active 2Warren 5.4%33%15%
16FeudalDevon 4.0%48%19%
17Four Winds 2Warren 3.5%39%26%
18Gunner 2Warren 3.5%32%50%
19Ants 3Warren 2.7%27%15%

Larger World

(January 1, 2003) 48-70 rounds/side. We used a 15x10 world with 12 sides/round. Intoxicated 3 has a bug in handling worlds that aren't square, and Business Cycle in any world that's not 10x10.

RankSideAuthor ScoreSurvivalEarly
Food sources (%)
1Eventually 12Devon 18.1%29%50%100
2Commune 2Devon 11.9%52%18%52407
3Productive 5fDaniel von Fange 11.7%26%47%100
4World Toad 3Devon 11.1%39%24%245717
5Not Quite WiseWarren 11.0%56%14%4878
6Teledont 6fMatt Burkholder 10.8%31%36%136521
7Intoxicated 3Daniel von Fange 9.5%27%42%5246
8Microb 2Matt Burkholder 9.0%62%3%36576
9FeudalDevon 8.4%43%21%100
10Gunner 2Warren 8.0%38%27%100
11Business Cycle 2fMatt Burkholder 7.9%33%25%72224
12Grudge 2Devon 7.8%31%38%100
13Active 2Warren 7.3%43%25%7721
14GardenDevon 7.3%20%44%100
15Not Quite MadWarren 6.6%45%17%4877
16Four Winds 2Warren 5.3%36%19%82161
17Ants 3Warren 3.7%30%26%54396
18MouseWarren 3.0%23%36%2879
19HaystackWarren 0.2%8%34%7722

[tournaments from 2002]

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