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Here are most of the sides that have ever been written. See the tournament results to find the best ones. There's also a page with analysis of some sides.

Send us your sides, and we'll add them to this page. They don't have to be good sides - there are so few sides so far that it isn't hard to write an interesting one. (See Warren's and Devon's How to Write the Next Champion articles for advice.)

There are cooperating versions of the Top Nine from a while ago. These aren't intended as serious sides, but as a demonstration of the value of not always fighting.


SideAuthorMod. DateComments
MiceSzeetySeptember 14 2016 Unarmed one-type gatherer with active dodging thrives under fire.
ISIfmbJune 1 2013 Forcefield gathering and active dodging.
FaithlessfmbFebruary 18 2013
FocusDaanAugust 13 2012
nom nomelelAugust 13 2012
BalunelelAugust 13 2012 Another long-range (half-)giant.
RK BerthaWarrenAugust 13 2012 Big Bertha with Revenge Killer 5.
Revenge Killer 5WarrenAugust 12 2012 Aggressive gatherer, designed to kill Commune's Revenge. Now with active dodging.
Big Bertha 2WarrenAugust 12 2012 A giant seed with giant grenades prepares the way for Active 9.
Artillery Support 5DevonAugust 7 2012 Defenseless spotters call in fire from other cells.
Blaster BerthaWarrenAugust 6 2012 A giant seed with giant blasters prepares the way for Active 9.
Active 9WarrenAugust 6 2012 Dodges shots.
Baronator 1.2HectorAugust 2012 Predators with defensive missiles.
The Borg CubeMaxJuly 30 2010 Stays in formation.
BloopersGigatronApril 2010 Gatherers claim territory.
Unproductive 3DevonJan 3 2010 A safer way to hide in corners, plus armed gatherers.
Single Bot 1.1David ShellardNov 16 2009 Intended as a test side, but it doesn't score too badly.
ARG 1.1David ShellardNov 16 2009 A single gatherer, plus fighters. Linear growth!
BorgBorgNov 4 2009 Complex forcefield forager with good fighters.
Carrier has arrived 2MidnightOct 23 2009 Syphon-powered centralized group.
The LunacyDavid/WarrenOct 20 2009 Massive Beast 2 plus Revenge Killer 4.
The HordeDavid and MidnightOct 17 2009 Massive Beast 2 plus Nanomachines.
HasherGigatronAug 31 2009
Nanomachines β1MidnightAug 26 2009 Swarms of little cells.
DanmakuMidnightAug 26 2009 It lives up to its name.
Massive BeastDavid ShellardAug 13 2009 It's like a more sophisticated Teledont.
SwarmRaszulJune 28 2009
Adaptive 4cMatt BurkholderJan 4 2009 Complex colony with forcefields.
TomatoesZacechawaAugust 18 2008 Gatherers and swarming fighters. Solar cells hide in corners.
Death BorgsZacechawaJuly 31 2008 Eats and builds missiles.
SymphonyZacechawaJuly 31 2008 Syphon economy, and missiles.
Wild Men 2Matt BurkholderDecember 24 2007 Gatherers, fighters, and siegebreakers.
Business Cycle 8Matt BurkholderDecember 24 2007 Forcefields for food, and pretty formations.
Weird Men DMatt BurkholderDecember 24 2007 Variation on Wise Men, with grenades and enemy-syphons. Now shares food.
Segregated Eaters 3Matt BurkholderOctober 2007 Cells share food by eating in different areas. Very agressive.
CyclopsWarrenSeptember 22 2007 Formation fighters, with the first effective decoys.
T2mcmadhatterSeptember 10 2007
StatSpawnmcmadhatterSeptember 4 2007 A gatherer (based on the tutorial) plus armament.
Solar->Gatherer>KillerIds BraamJuly 4 2007 Gatherers with stationary defenders.
mini-eatersIds BraamJuly 4 2007 Eaters and missiles.
MangeursSzeetyNovember 18 2006 Solar cells which also gather (and share) food.
Ring of Fire 4DevonOctober 21 2006 Defenders form a circle (or arc) around autotrophs.
Shield + Cowards 2fAlexanderJuly 2006 Simplified version of Bomberz, without missiles.
BomberzAlexanderJuly 2006 Corner-dweller with missiles and fighters.
Walled City 2WarrenJune 2006 Circular mobile colony.
Forest FightersAlexanderJune 16 2006 Short-range fighter/gatherer.
Dark Forest 0.2AlexanderJune 16 2006 Colony with syphons.
Flaming ForestAlexanderJune 16 2006 A record: nine types.
Move Zig! (nc)ziggystarJune 16 2006 Move Zig! 3 without corner-hiding.
Move Zig! 3ziggystarJune 16 2006 Corner-hider with fighters.
Flower 2TilendorApril 2006 Very organized colony. Pretty.
Untouchable 4WarrenMarch 31 2006 Force-fields food and enemies.
Commune Plus 2Devon/WarrenMarch 31 2006 Commune plus autotrophs.
Productive Plus 5DvF/DevonMarch 22 2006 A smaller Productive, now with fighters.
MicroAlgaeTilendorMarch 2006 Small algae that run from injury using forcefields.
NovaTilendor and RyanMarch 2006 Buggy colony.
My AlgaeAnthony KozarMarch 2006 Unarmored, so the colony self-destructs when one cell dies.
Diagonal ExplorerMarcos Coelho MarínMarch 2006 Gatherers woth an unusual movement pattern and (buggy) fighters.
Commune 10DevonNovember 19 2005 Syphons energy from gatherers to other types. Good defense.
Wise Men 2 (without José)Matt BurkholderNovember 14 2005 Wise Men is improved by removing its decoys.
ShepherdsDevonNovember 12 2005 Forcefields move the sheep to safety.
Noffee 4Warren/DevonNovember 12 2005 Blasters without friendly fire. No longer overloads tiny gatherers.
Grudge 4DevonFebruary 11 2005? Like Gunner, but only shoots at sides it considers hostile.
Wise Men 3Matt BurkholderOctober 6 2004 Predator. Version 2 is better.
Intoxicated 3hDaniel von FangeSeptember 11 2004 Agressive. Dodges. Uses both blaster and grenades.
VirtueDevonAugust 13 2004 Blasters and missiles fed by syphons. Resembles Noffee.
Simple-1James AustinAugust 12 2004 Simple gatherers.
Ocean FrontMatt BurkholderApril 21 2004 Cells form a grid. Uses long-range grenades to distract enemies.
Revenge GardenDevonJanuary 10 2004 Old (January 2003) armed variant of Garden.
Frog Celestial 2DevonJanuary 10 2004 Pack predator. Now with food hashing.
Gunner 4WarrenJanuary 5 2004 Autotroph with grenades. Now ignores decoys.
Eventually... 14DevonJanuary 4 2004 Autotroph with grenades and missiles.
Bacteria 4DevonJanuary 4 2004 A skittish gatherer inspired by Microb. Now armed.
ExcommunicateDevonDecember 21 2003 Commune without a colony. Not very good (yet).
Teledont 8Matt BurkholderAugust 28 2003 Gatherer with long-range blaster.
Feudal 3DevonJuly 21 2002 Commune derivative without Sustenance.
Sucker 2fDevonJuly 21 2003 A primitive long-range syphon (ab)user.
Ants 4fWarrenJuly 21 2003 Syphons energy from workers to queens. Has missile defense. Makes multiple colonies.
Far GardenDevonJuly 21 2003 Syphons energy from passive crop cells.
Garden 2fDevonJuly 21 2003 Syphons energy from passive crop cells.
Not Quite Harmless 3WarrenJuly 6 2003 Not Quite Wise with chaos-causing decoys.
Wiser 2WarrenJune 3 2003 Another variation of Not Quite Mad.
Missile Bacteria 2DevonMay 22 2003 Bacteria, plus small defensive missiles.
Poison Ivy 7WarrenMay 21 2003 A four-type plant, with ineffective antimissile force fields.
Vaccine 3DevonMay 17 2003 Bacteria with a blaster. Kills unarmed sides (like Bacteria, hence the name).
Algae 2DevonMarch 14 2003 Very simple autotroph.
Intoxicated SmallDaniel von FangeJanuary 4 2003 Small (1220) version of Intoxicated 3g.
Active LargeWarrenJanuary 3 2003 Large (2380) version of Active.
Not Quite MadWarrenDecember 20 2002 Not Quite Wise, with missiles.
Four Winds 2WarrenDecember 16 2002 Hides in all four corners.
Productive 5fDaniel von FangeDecember 16 2002 Autotroph that hides in corners, with two kinds of missiles. Also called Bombs and Factories or Tactical's Productive.
Not Quite WiseWarrenNovember 30 2002 Theotroph (based on Fool) that's good at running away.
Circle the WagonsMatt BurkholderNovember 27 2002 Shielded decoys circle around grenade users.
Intoxicated 3Daniel von FangeNovember 21 2002 Agressive. Dodges. Uses both blaster and grenades.
Megadont fixedMatt BurkholderNovember 20 2002 Megadont 2, modified to work slightly under modern rules.
World Toad 3DevonNovember 17 2002 Big gatherer which chases shots.
Microb 2Matt BurkholderOctober 30 2002 Five types of tiny cells.
Fighters 5DevonOctober 26 2002 Autotroph with swarming defenders.
Homesick 3WarrenOctober 24 2002 Former champion, recently repaired.
FoolWarrenJuly 5 2002 A speedy theotroph. Good at getting out of trouble. It has some cleverness to avoid everyone trying to eat the same food.
Cycle 3DevonMay 1 2002 Autotroph. Runs in circles (like Lunatic) when attacked.
Rat without shields 2WarrenApril 14 2002 Former champion, now obsolete.

Pointless, Ineffective, or Broken Sides

Some of these were good once, but have been crippled by rule changes.

SideAuthorMod. DateComments
Smarter EaterAnalog KidAugust 13 2004 Buggy gatherers.
Sunflower 3Matt BurkholderApril 3 2004 The first friendly-syphon user. Feeds energy to one central constructor. Pretty.
Shielded MissileWarrenJuly 18 2003 An incomplete type that demonstrates that shielded missiles don't really work.
Gnats 9Matt BurkholderJanuary 23(?) 2003 Short-range syphon-and-blaster user. Swarms.
SovietDevonJanuary 3 2003 Commune 3 with Active's missiles.
People's RepublicDevonJanuary 3 2003 Commune 3 with Eventually's missiles.
Iron BubbleDevonNovember 13 2002 Very simple armored giant autotroph.
Missile-Lunatic 4WarrenOctober 28 2002 Like Lunatic with (bad) missiles. Now conserves energy to grow faster.
SnarfosaurMatt BurkholderMay 16 2002 Tries to move itself (and food) around with a force field.
FlyswEaterWarrenMay 16 2002 Very buggy attempt at gathering food with force fields.
Life and Death 4WarrenMay 12 2002 Shielded gatherers and short-range syphon/blaster user that follows shots. Can sometimes eat while fighting.
Megadont 2Matt BurkholderApril 22 2002 Used range-40 grenades to great effect. Also, it's really big. Can't move when pregnant now.
Predator 2DevonApril 18 2002 Old ineffective minigrenade user. Tends to starve.
Rat 3WarrenApril 14 2002 Shielded gatherer. Can survive a lot, and sometimes kills enemies by friendly fire.
NeoRabbitDevonApril 10 2002 A gatherer that runs away when attacked.
Flyswatter 2WarrenApril 10 2002 Gunner plus force-fields.
Turret 2DevonApril 10 2002 Sits still and shoots. Friendly-fire problem.
Radioactive 2DevonApril 9 2002 Three silly types.
Lunatic 2DevonApril 9 2002 The first side ever, and the first demonstration of passive dodging.
RabbitDevonFeb 6 - March 27 2002 Simple theotroph. Broken long ago by movement and sensor changes.
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