Grobots - Documentation - User Interface

Some user-interface features that aren't obvious are described here. Many of them also have menu equivalents, but the shortcuts described here are more convenient.



There are keys to select tools. Space selects the regular scroll/follow tool (click to follow an object, drag to scroll).

spaceScroll/Followclick to follow an object, drag to scroll
MAdd Manna
RAdd Robotclick to add a cell of the selected type
SAdd Seedmultiple cells of the selected side
MMovedrag individual objects around
PPulldrag to create a forcefield
XSmitecreates a large explosion
BAdd Blastsa bunch of shots in all directions - good for testing cells' response to shots, or just killing them
AErase Area

Also, you can press return to follow a randomly selected object, preferring interesting ones like shots and moving robots. Tab will follow a random nearby object. If you were following something but scrolled away, backquote will resume following the original object.


There are keys to change the graphics settings:

FToggle whether foods are shown
RToggle whether robots are shown
SToggle whether sensor-shots are shown
DToggle whether decorations are shown
TToggle whether trails are shown
WSwitch between black and white backgrounds. (This feature was an experiment and may go away.)


You can stop or start a brain by clicking on the status, or typing 's'. There are also keys for simulation control: 'b' steps the brain, 'r' runs, 'p' pauses, and 'f' advances one frame. (These exist because menu shortcuts don't work yet on the Windows version.)

Side Debugger

Press 'N' to move to the next hundred addresses, 'P' to the previous hundred, or '0' to go back to the first hundred.

Any double-buffered window

In any double-buffered window (the main view or the minimap, currently) you can type '!' to toggle whether the window is actually redrawn, or '@' to toggle whether the back-buffer is actually copied to the screen. These are of interest only for measuring the cost of graphics.

Grobots by Devon Schudy and Warren Schudy