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The Program

What are the system requirements?

You don't need a terribly fast processor - the development machine is a 233MHz iMac - but it makes tournaments go faster.

The current version is known to run on Mac OS 8.6 through X. Earlier versions may work too. It requires a PowerPC Mac, so really old machines and 68k emulators won't work.

The Windows version runs on XP at least, and probably on older versions - it's not very demanding.

When will Grobots run on my platform?

When someone ports it there. If you know C++ and want to help (or are just curious), take a look at the source.

How do I make Grobots run faster?

  1. Set the speed to Unlimited. This makes the uncrowded early part of a round go very fast.
  2. Close the World window. Drawing it takes a lot of time.
  3. If you don't want to watch the game, close the Minimap window.

Writing Sides

My side always gets killed.

Despair not. If you test against the Top Nine, you fill find it hard going. Test against something easier and work up.

If something attacks you, it's often a good idea to run away.

Your side may also be forcing other sides to kill it. If you attack another side, it will probably defend itself. Try not attacking unless you have something to gain from it.

Can I use part of someone else's side?

Yes, but give credit. If you borrow a type, put an appropriate #author line in the type. If you've only slightly modified a side, leave the original author's name on it and make it clear what you did. (Usually you put a list of changes at the beginning of the side or type, with your name and date next to each one.)

How can I write the next champion?

There's a separate page or two for this one.


Is Grobots artificial life?

No, because there's no evolution. An alife version of Grobots (with individual cells instead of sides) could be interesting, but it would be a very different game.

How is the name pronounced/spelled?

It's pronounced grow-bots, not G-Robots. And spelled with a small R (Grobots, not GRobots).

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